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Casey Family Services

Over 36 years, the Annie E. Casey Foundation has provided high-level foster care services to thousands of children and families through Casey Family Services, which has maintained case records for those served by the agency.

The Foundation announced in June 2012 that it would discontinue providing direct services through the program in order to shift to a grant-making strategy to improve outcomes for children and families. The new strategy will enable the Foundation to reach many more children – far beyond those served in previous years – and to advance stronger practices that Casey Family Services had helped to innovate across the child welfare field.

On Dec. 31, 2012, Casey Family Services closed. However, the Foundation's commitment to children who have been served by the program over the years will endure. The Casey Foundation will ensure that all Casey Family Services alumni have accurate information about how to review their case records. If you were part of the program as a child, you can access this information by contacting the Annie E. Casey Foundation at (410) 949-1948 or

Foundation staff will assist you in your efforts review the records you are entitled to access.